Chapman Avenue Cardinal

$ 7.00

This deep, cardinal red has a dignified personality that works well when a brighter red is too much pop. The color reminds us of the typeset in a vintage 'Old Mission' citrus crate label which you might have found packed full of Valencia Oranges, fresh from the Chapman estate in Fullerton.

Interestingly, Charles Clarke Chapman - the orange magnate and first mayor of the City of Fullerton - was not after whom the Chapman Avenue in Fullerton was named, even though it cut right through the expansive family ranch. Charles Chapman's name is, however, associated with Chapman University as he funded a very generous donation to the school, who adopted his name.

On the other hand, attorney Alfred Beck Chapman and his law partner Andrew Glassell co-founded the City of Orange. It's for this reason that the Chapman Avenue that is split by the "Orange Circle" (Plaza Square Park in Old Towne Orange) bears the Chapman name. Funny, since it's so close to Chapman University!
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