Standard Delivery:

Price based on zip code | Monday - Friday | 8am to 5pm | Saturday based on availability 

Standard delivery fees are based on delivery zip code. Our standard delivery includes any delivery and pick up that occurs between 8am and 5pm. Since we plan our routes daily based on geography, there is no implicit promise as to when exactly your order will arrive (though we do offer a promised-time service for an additional fee). The standard delivery fee includes both directions: delivery and pickup, so long as they are each within the standard window at our convenience.

Example: Your event is 10am on Saturday; you request a delivery for either Thursday or Friday between 8am to 5pm to give yourself enough time to set up. Your event ends at 12pm on Sunday but since the it is indoors and you can just leave everything as-is after the party, you request a standard pickup for Monday or Tuesday between 8am - 5pm. The standard fee includes both the delivery and the pickup.

Example 2: Your event is at 7am; you request delivery anytime between 8am and 5pm the day before your event. Your event ends at 7pm; you request pick up the following day from 8am to 5pm.

Standard with Timed Arrival:

Additional fee (each arrival) | Monday - Friday | 8am to 5pm | Saturday based on availability

Tell us what time you need us, and we will dedicate a truck and a crew just for you.

Example: You are having an event and your items can be delivered anytime the day before your event from 8am to 5pm which gives you time to set up. On the day of your event, you need our truck to pick up your rentals at exactly 4:15pm, right after your event ends. Since this is considered a time-specific pick up, we will add an additional fee to your invoice. Your total delivery fee is the standard (zip code) fee + additional time specific fee for the timed arrival pick up. 

Example: Your event is Thursday from 3pm until 4pm. You ask us to deliver Wednesday between 8am - 5pm so that you have time to set up, but you need us to arrive at 4:30 pm to remove the rentals. Thus you have a standard delivery fee (based on zip code), plus an additional fee for the timed arrival.

Dawn or Dusk Arrivals:

Additional fee (each arrival) | Monday - Sunday | 5pm to 8pm

Just like our Timed Arrival, dawn and dusk deliveries and pick ups are timed to your schedule and are extra for each arrival when available.

Example: You have an all day community carnival event at 8am in a public park and can't set up the day before the event, as your county permit is only valid for one day. You request a time-specific delivery at 6am. Since this is out of the normal 8am to 5pm window, we will add an additional fee to your invoice. Since you cannot leave the equipment unattended after the event ends, you request a 6pm pick up, as you have to be out of the park by 8pm. Your total delivery fee is the sum of the standard (zip code) fee plus the additional fee for the time-specific delivery, and for the time-specific pick up.

Late Night Delivery or Pick Up:

Additional fee (each arrival) | Monday - Sunday | 8pm to 6am 

Some venues require all equipment to be delivered late or collected directly after your event ends - even if this is late at night if available.

Example 1: You are hosting a New Year's Eve celebration. Since your party doesn't start until 9pm, you choose a standard delivery between 8am - 5pm. The party ends at 2am and everything needs to be cleared out by 4am because your venue is serving New Year's brunch starting early in the morning. We will charge a standard delivery fee (based on zip code) plus additional late night fee for the pickup.

Example 2: Your venue gives you access to your room as early as 10pm the day before your event. Since you have an incredibly deluxe and complex setup, you have a decor team that is working overnight to get things ready before your guests start arriving at 8am the next day. Your event is all day and you have to be out at 12 midnight. Thus, you need a standard delivery, a late delivery and a late pick up. The total delivery fee is 2 late night fees plus the standard fee for your zip code.

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