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How big of a tent should I order for my guest count?

If you're wondering how many people fit under your tent or if you're trying to figure out how big of a tent to rent for your event, don't panic. It's easy! Just call/text us, or:

Step 1: What are you doing with your tent? Are you having a wedding ceremony, a keynote speech, a sit down dinner, or a cocktail party? Choose one of the following:

Wedding Receptions, Fundraisers and Galas, Corporate Luncheons

Wedding Ceremonies, Keynote Speeches, Corporate Trainings

Cocktail Hour, Mixer, House Party


Tent Novice?

We highly recommend starting with a Site Walk - we will meet you on site for an expert consultation. We follow through with our turn-key approach including Tent Permit Services so that renting a tent for your big day or large event is easy. Really easy. Just reach out and leave it to us. After all, we do this every day!

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