Lattice Arch

$ 50.00

This structure usually used to support growing vines or plants, makes a great arbor for the end of a wedding isle or to bring life to the entrance of your event.
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Lattice Chuppah

$ 90.00

A canopy generally used to hold a wedding ceremony under, but could also serve as a great entrance piece to your event.
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Reclaimed Oak Arch/Arbor

$ 225.00

This is an exclusive, hand-made item that we created for our inventory only. Measures 84" wide x 96" tall (beams are about 6" thick).

It is made from authentic reclaimed oak beams that came from a vintage barn - complete with patina and nail holes.

The arbor is great as a backdrop to a wedding ceremony but can also be used to make a great entrance to your event.

Please note: the wood is real oak which means it is extremely heavy; this item is only available for delivery.

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Lighted Boxwood Hedge Bar Back Unit with Shelves

$ 250.00

Light up the night with our premier bar back unit, commonly rented with the Wine Barrel Bar Kit. Put your top-shelf liquors and libation offerings in the foreground so guests can select their faves. Matches our Rustic / Industrial loveseats exactly, but with a boxwood hedge twist. This is a true original, designed and built in house.

Note: Unit is extremely heavy and tall; must be delivered and placed on level ground.

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Wine Barrel

$ 30.00

Our authentic French Oak Wine Barrels are one of our most popular decor rentals. Approximately 24" (2 feet) wide and 36" (3 feet) tall, our wine barrels often rent as cocktail tables, as a wine barrel bar kit, or on their own as event decor. Since they are real wood, they're really heavy - thus we recommend delivery. Some barrels are slightly larger or smaller than others, and exact color may vary.
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$ 12.00

Does not include candle. Only 5 in inventory.
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Square Planter Box

$ 12.00

Custom made and clad in St. Ramsay Tartan Plaid, this low square box measures 14" x 14" x 4" deep, keeping your arrangement out of your guests' line of sight.
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Long Planter Box

$ 18.50

Custom made and clad in St. Ramsay Tartan Plaid, this low table-length box measures 76.5" x 9.75" x 4" deep, keeping your arrangement out of your guests' line of sight.
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Stanchions and Rope

$ 2.75

Quantity = Length you need (in feet).

Included in that price is two stanchions and one rope or chain. Select the kind of stanchions and rope that you want and put in the quantity as total length needed.

We'll call to help you figure out exactly how many of each piece you need and we will refine your quote. We just need to know how many aisles, lines, and turns you want to make so we can draw it out and count them up!

Don't forget we can also meet you on site to help figure it out in person; call us to set up an appointment.

The white plastic stanchions and plastic chain rent in 8' sections. The chain is 10' long but to get the right amount of sag you lose two feet. The chrome stanchions and ropes rent out in 6' sections. Again, the ropes are 8' long but with the proper sag they are two feet shorter.

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