Need a little help planning your party? For our larger and more complicated events, we offer on-site consultation and virtual event layout services.



  1.  Call us to get started. We can talk through a lot over the phone and get an understanding of the basics.
  2. We schedule a time that works for you.
  3. We take a credit card for a $75 Site Walk deposit.
  4. We meet you on site (within Orange County), measure, and talk.
  5. We put together a drawing showing where everything goes and an itemized quote for the total cost. We send both to you. One of two things happens then:



We agree on payment terms and we apply the $75 deposit toward your quote (which becomes a reservation). Net cost to you is nothing.



If your event cancels, you change your mind and use another vendor, or the plan just falls apart, we keep the $75 for our time invested and we part ways. No harm, no foul.

On Call Event Rentals is a party equipment rental service, tent rental service, and table & chair rental service. Orange County, California