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3-Day Rental Period

Rental equipment is charged per “rental period”. Our rental period is equivalent to 3 days. Rentals beyond this number of days incur repeat charges. Rental equipment returned late will be subject to an additional daily charge.

No Refunds on Unused Equipment

There are no refunds on unused equipment. Equipment cancelled or refused on delivery will be charged the full rental rate as its absence from our warehouse prevents anyone else from renting it. This applies equally to reserved items for our will call pickup locations.

On-Site Contact and Access

Equipment can be delivered and picked up at a secure location without someone there as long as our crew has access to the event area and there are no obstructions or dangers present during delivery or pickup. In the event that On Call Event Rentals attempts a delivery or a pick up and needs to make an additional trip to deliver or recover equipment due to restricted access, additional delivery, labor, and rental rates will apply.

Delivery Fees

All delivery and labor charges are based on ground level or first floor deliveries. If delivery is obstructed by stairs, elevators/escalators, gravel, sand, grass, or anything that might otherwise prevent the use of wheeled dollies or carts, an additional fee will be applied to the order immediately following delivery and/or pickup. Delivery rates and timing details can be found here. In the event an area is not clear or not accessible to proceed with the install or removal as planned, standby labor is billed at $100 per hour per vehicle on site.

Equipment Setup

On Call Event Rentals will set up equipment and place them where you need them for a small labor fee. Our crews do not set- up linens, china, glassware or flatware as these items arrive sanitized, wrapped, and in containers. We do not move client’s furniture or any non-On Call item or equipment. We will not set up our equipment if it presents a structural or safety risk to buildings or our equipment, or to any person (including our crew). We will not set up our equipment using parts provided to us on site or using rental equipment from another rental company. If On Call Event Rentals has difficult access or is required during installation to move or re-set equipment from the original set-up, drawing, design or instructions, additional labor charges will apply.

Rush Processing Fees

Orders must be placed/finalized 72 hours prior to the delivery date. Any new orders or changes that occur within 72 hours of the delivery date are subject to rush processing fees. Emergency tent installations are subject to additional rush fee calculated by the square footage of the tent.

Cancellations, Deposits, Payment Processing

Cancellations need to be made at least two full days (48 hours) before delivery date of equipment to ensure no charges. In the case of a will call pickup from one of our pickup locations, the delivery date is the Thursday prior to pickup. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all tent reservations. Non-refundable deposits will not be refunded, even if the cancellation is requested before the cutoff. Payment is due in full the day prior to delivery; credit cards that cannot be processed will prevent your order from being delivered until the payment issue is resolved.

Damaged and Dirty Item Fees

On Call Event Rentals offers an optional damage waiver which covers replacement costs if the following conditions are met. First, the item is used as intended (i.e. a chair is not a ladder). Second, broken items are returned (including china and glassware). Items must be returned with only normal use; items that are excessively dirty may be subject to additional cleaning fees. China, dishware, and serving equipment must be scraped free of food remnants before being returned; glassware must be empty.

Water Damage Fees

Almost all of the items we rent are meant to be kept dry at all times, with the exception of tents. Considerable damage can be done to dance floors, chairs, tables, linen, et cetera from the mold, mildew, warping, and rot that water can cause. While this usually means rain, it also means sprinklers. Additionally, it means a linen that had a glass of water spilled on it which then gets stuffed into a plastic bag (which creates the perfect conditions for mildew growth). As our client, you agree to make every possible effort to keep our equipment dry, as you are responsible for replacement and repair costs invoked in our equipment being ruined. Such damage is not covered under our optional damage waiver policy.

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