Before You Plug In Machine:
1. Make sure the wall outlet can accept the grounded plugs (where applicable) on the power
supply cord.
2. The wall outlet must have the proper polarity. If in doubt, have a competent electrician
inspect the outlet and correct if necessary.
3. DO NOT use a grounded to un-grounded receptacle adapter.

Operating Instructions

Controls and their Functions:

Light and Warmer Switch
Turns on the heat to the bottom corn pan and heat light.
Kettle Motor Switch
Turns on the motor which drives the kettle agitator.
Kettle Heat Switch
Supplies power to the thermostat controlled kettle

Auto Shut-Off
The 1866 and 2656 Models are equipped with an auto shut-off mechanism. If the
Kettle heat is on with no product popping for fifteen minutes the auto shut-off will
Turn off the kettle heat element, and the kettle heat switch will flash. To pop a new
batch of corn, cycle the kettle heat switch off and then back on.

Amount of Recommended Popcorn and Oil:
Your new popper is equipped with a six ounce (177 ml) corn measuring cup. We
recommend flavored and colored coconut oil.
Gold Medal recommends using our 6oz Corn/Oil Kit – item #2836*.
Corn charge - 6 oz. (177 ml)
Oil charge - 1.6 to 2.0 oz. (47 - 60 ml)
Flavacol - 1 tablespoon (8 cc)
*All Gold Medal Corn/Oil kits come pre-measured.

Popping Instructions:
1. Turn kettle heat and kettle motor switch "ON."
2. Make test pop with 3 kernels of corn and 1 oz. or 30ml of oil.
3. Turn on kettle and let it pre-heat for 5 – 8 minutes.
4. Load pre-measured popcorn and oil into kettle.
5. When corn has finished popping, dump kettle.
6. Repeat cycle starting with #4.
7. Turn kettle heat and motor off when finished popping corn.


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