Rental Tent - 40' x 150'

$ 3,360.00

Maximum Occupancy:

400 seated to dine, 857 seated in rows, 1200 standing cocktail party style.

Our rental tents are commercial-grade, fire authority approved, professionally installed, and beautifully appointed to suit your event.

We offer 24/7 delivery, on-site consultations and measurements, event layout diagrams, fire permits, and everything to go under your canopy. Our specialty is chiffon fabric swagging to line your tent with a softer, more elegant feel.

This tent has a 6000 square foot footprint and measures 40 feet wide by 150 feet long. You can choose 8' tall legs (typical) or 10' tall legs if you are using a stage or need large chandeliers hung from the ceiling.

We also have clear tent tops for under-the-stars outdoor parties, tent heating equipment to keep everyone warm, and many lighting options to dazzle your guests.

Need help picking a size?

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