Stanchions and Rope

$ 2.75

Quantity = Length you need (in feet).

Included in that price is two stanchions and one rope or chain. Select the kind of stanchions and rope that you want and put in the quantity as total length needed.

We'll call to help you figure out exactly how many of each piece you need and we will refine your quote. We just need to know how many aisles, lines, and turns you want to make so we can draw it out and count them up!

Don't forget we can also meet you on site to help figure it out in person; call us to set up an appointment.

The white plastic stanchions and plastic chain rent in 8' sections. The chain is 10' long but to get the right amount of sag you lose two feet. The chrome stanchions and ropes rent out in 6' sections. Again, the ropes are 8' long but with the proper sag they are two feet shorter.

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