36" Cocktail Table (Tall)

$ 12.25

Dimensions: 36" across x 42" high.

The proper linen for this table is a 120" round, which just touches the floor.

If you are using a sash tied around the middle of the table post (making an hourglass shape), we suggest ordering a 132" round linen instead of a 120". You will need the extra length make the hourglass shape and if you use a 120" linen the legs of the cocktail table will show. The 132" linen will leave enough extra at the bottom to flare all the way over the legs.

The 36" cocktail table is not to be confused with the 36" Round Table. The cocktail table is for standing (at 42" bar height), the round table is for sitting. This table is ideal if you want standing room only, but have more than just drinks. Appetizers and small plates fit better on this table; if you prefer a smaller table for drinks only, check out the 30" Cocktail Table. This is a three-piece table (base + pole + top) that easily fits in any car or truck, making it a popular pickup item.

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