36" Round Table

$ 9.50

Dimensions: 36" across x 30" high

The proper linen for this table is a 90" round, which falls just short of the floor on all sides. We can also use a 90" Garden Linen which has a sewn slit in the center to accommodate an umbrella through the middle of the table.

We suggest a 54" square overlay over top of the base linen which will make a diamond shape; the points will hang about 9" short of the floor. These tables look very festive when you have a lot of them and you use multiple colors between the base linen and overlay. Have some fun!

The 36" round table is most useful to rent for small outdoor events where head count is less important than the event feel. We suggest 4 to a table for formal events with large place settings (lots of glasses, bread baskets, large centerpiece, pre-set dessert, et cetera). For casual events with a single plate, fork, and knife, you can seat 5.

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