8 ft. Rectangular Banquet Table

$ 10.50

Dimensions: 96" long x 30" wide x 30" high

The proper linen for this table is an 8' drape, which falls perfectly to the floor on all sides (156" x 88").

We suggest a 10' banquet overlay over top of the base linen. This will cover the top of the table and will hang down on all sides about halfway. There are two reasons to use the banquet topper: One is when you want to mix-and-match colors between base and top linens, and the other is when you are flipping the table frequently and don't want to change a premium base linen. A great example of the latter is in true banquet-style food service - if the top is dripped on and stained with food, it's less expensive to launder the banquet linen than the base linen.

The 8' table is commonly rented for dining and because of it's length is often delivered.

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